Grace Baptist Church

Contact Information

PO Box 1469
4233 E. Evans Creek Rd.
Rogue River, Oregon  97537
Phone: 541-582-2290


Children's Pastor
Brad Knight
Pastor to Seniors
Jim McKinney
Youth Pastor
Brett White

Service Schedule

Worship - 1st Service:
9:15 AM
Bible Study - 1st Service:
9:15 AM
Worship - 2nd Service:
11:00 AM
Bible Study - 2nd service:
11:00 AM
Wednesday Evening:
6:00 PM

Extra Information

Is God calling you to be a children’s pastor in the most beautiful part of the country?



Job Description for Children’s Pastor at Grace Baptist Church, Rogue River, Oregon, URL:  please email resumes to or call 541.291.2714 for more info


  • Note: This position will be a combined position (either children’s pastor + worship pastor or children’s pastor + small groups pastor)
  • A passion and calling to children’s ministry is most important--even more important than worship or small groups



  • 40 hours week/full time
  • $40,000/ year salary
  • 4 years undergrad, Bible College or seminary degree preferred but will make an exception for someone who has interned or has developed in a children’s ministry leadership program


We are looking for someone who will:

  • Walk with Jesus (keep your walk fresh with Him)
  • Love on and spend adequate time with your spouse and kids (if married and with kids)
  • Be a team player with a servant’s heart
  • Motivated by the gospel and God’s love for people
  • Operate with the church’s overall vision/mission/core values/7 Heart attitudes/motto in mind (but within these parameters there is MUCH room for you to be YOU.
  • Have fun. I want you to spend at least 80% of your ministry time doing things you LOVE to do


As the children’s ministry leader, you will:

  • Connect with kids in the community (e.g. visit the elementary school or whatever else you think would be most effective for you)
  • Connect with parents of these kids
  • Build relationships with adults in church and eventually recruit them to be on your team. This will require creating and casting a COMPELLING vision for the children’s ministry toward which people will feel drawn.
  • Develop children’s activities on Sunday morning during both worship hours and on Wednesday nights. Also, you will need to put together other creative events to minister to both the folks who attend GBC as well as to reach out to the lost in the community
  • Strive to do things with excellence and as unto the Lord


Other Ministry:


If both you and we agree that you will be our worship pastor as well:


  • Spend about 12 hours weekly to prayerfully plan and lead our congregation in corporate worship into the presence of the Lord
  • Recruit, develop, and disciple our musicians
  • The guys in the sound booth will report to you. Foster a spirit of collaboration between the musicians and those running the sound, Media Shout, etc.
  • Strive to do things with excellence and as unto the Lord


If both you and we agree that you will be our small groups pastor as well:

  • Spend about 12 hours weekly to prayerfully plan and direct new and ongoing small groups
  • Recruit, develop and disciple small group leaders
  • Develop training efforts to equip our small groups on how to reach out to the community in effective ways



  • From time to time the senior pastor will need you to do some hospital visitation, personal visits with shut-ins, and possibly preaching (I may have you preach once or twice a year if you feel called and/or able)
  • Attend staff meetings every Tuesday morning from 9:00 until 10:15AM
  • Attend deacons’ meetings if possible on the first and third Monday night of each month from 6 – 8PM.
  • Attend quarterly council meetings and church business meetings (usually after the second service on Sundays)


   November 2018