Weekly News 11/17/10

Hi Everyone!  Those of us who went to the NWBC Annual Meeting were blessed with great preaching, fellowship, contacts and all that goes on at such events.  You will be hearing about some events that have been spurred along through conversations that were had there.  Hope you are all ready for the coming weather pattern through Thanksgiving.  Siskiyou Association wishes you and your churches a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  See below for the office schedule.

Next Monday 11/22/10:
Would you like to help for a few brief hours at the Little River Christian Camp?  Some items need to be finished up from the last trip.  Sherry Brewer needs to know if you would like to help out. 
Here is the schedule:  We will be leaving at 8 a.m. from Lampman and arriving there around 10:30. We'll be working for about an hr, breaking for lunch and then working until about 1:30 or so. We should be back to Gold Hill around 4.  Sherry's # is:541-582-1617  or 541-326-1237

Weekly News
No Weekly News next week.  All Weekly News is put on the web-site in the "info center" tab/Weekly News.  They are listed there by date if you need to look up something.
If you would like to add a page for news from your church please let me know and we'll figure that out.

Prayer Needs:  Let me know if your church has a prayer concern that can be posted here.
PTL For safe travel to and from the NWBC Annual Meeting.

For Grace:
Lenny and Sherry and the church there in Rogue River.  The matter is not settled.  Pray for God's protection but mostly that He would be glorified through all of what is happening there.  Pray for the Youth and parents who also are affected in so many ways by this and other school boards.

For Trinity:
For their Pastor Search committee. If anyone has any one in mind they can send the Resume to Joe Barnett at blessedrulord1@yahoo.com.  Or to Joe Barnett 7440 Maple Ln. Central Point OR. 97502.  Joe, is Chairman of the Trinity Baptist Church Pastor Search Committee, We can use all the Prays and help we can have in this matter.    Johnny Lay is their Interim.

For River Bend Community Baptist Church:
Ron and Jeanette Allen are working on support and housing at this time.  Pray that both would be secured soon as they wish to be here as soon as possible, January 1 for sure.  Please find info on the web.

Office schedule
The office will continue to have regular hours with the exception of being closed on the following dates: 
All of Thanksgiving week:  November 20, 22, 23,  for a family holiday trip.
December 23, 30
Thank you for your understanding.  Feel free to call me anytime at my cell #  541-659-7261  or home 541-955-5319 with any questions or concerns.  I have the SBA E-mail on my personal lap top so if you need to that is available as well.

UTurn4Christ Newsletter


Informational training session on Alzheimer's
Pastor Jay Barnett of Foothills Baptist, sent this information for all of you to consider.  Contact him if you are interested and for more information.  Jay's # 541-613-0802
 "I am scheduling an informational training session on Alzheimer's and want to know who would be interested in attending.  I do not have the dates yet but will schedule at least three dates to determine the one that would work with all and with the coordinator.  Probably a Saturday afternoon.  Please pass this along to all and have them let me know if interested. It is about 60-90 minutes long."

Jay also wants you to know that Foothills is going to have from "The Straight Way of Grace Ministry", Usama Dakdok, come to Foothills sometime in the Spring to give a presentation on Islam and the Koran. It is an informational presentation on what the Koran and Islam is and the goals. I heard it on one of the Christian radio stations and E-Mailed Mr Usam. He is the son of a Baptist Minister who was born and schooled in Egypt. Translated the Koran into English. If other churches is interested in being a part of this, let me know as Mr Usam does this as a faith ministry. They come on a love offering. Jay

November Anniversary:
Josue' and Janet Delgado,  26th

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Prayer for International Missionaries:
November 28 - Dec 5 or any time you would like.  Even if you have this in your budget and don't take an offering per say,  the video etc. will help with the understanding of who our missionaries are and what they are doing.  I know you all are very busy, gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas, please don't forget to include the Lottie Moon Christmas offering.  If you need information go to http://www.imb.org/main/give/pagelm.asp?StoryID=8078&LanguageID=1709 this should get you directly to the order place.

December Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Please let me know if someone else needs to be added.  Thank you
Bruce Pearson - 1st, Richard Williams - 8th, Mike & Teri Franell - 22nd, Janet Delgado - 27th, Dwayne & Tammy Johnson - 28th,  Karen Barnett - 30th, Lenny & Sherry Brewer - 30th

SBA Ministerial Christmas Dinner and Fellowship, December 3, 2010, 6:30 PM Foothills Baptist
RSVP event  Cost is $10 per couple
This year we will also include retired pastors and directors of missions of our association and those who are faithfully attending a SBA church and serving in a ministerial positions within their community and/or the association.   Be sure to let Sherry Brewer know if you are coming.  Invites will be coming soon.

January 5th Sunday Sing:
January 30, 2011  at College Heights.  More information will be coming closer to the date.

Date changes one last time:
SBA Pastor's and Wives Retreat
March 31-April 2, 2011 @ Galice
Est. cost $20 per couple

SBA Women's Retreat
April 2-4, 2011@ Galice
Est. Cost $50 per person

Possible Missions Fair  May 7th
This is in the planning stages.  We hope to have Scott & Denise Wood here as our main speakers.  I will keep you posted.

Women of Faith Conference Oct 6-8, 2011
We have several tickets left to the Women of Faith Conference scheduled next Oct 6-8. The ticket and 2 nights lodging at the Courtyard Marriot (located 2 blocks away from the Rose Garden Arena) is $165. Please notify Sherry 541-582-1617 or Tammy 541-621-9534 if you have anybody interested in going... There are 6 spots left, in our group seating area of 52.

OK everyone, I think that covers it for this week.  I will be in prayer for those of you who are traveling.  Ken and I are leaving Sat and will be home Sat or Sun after Thanksgiving.  I will be here tomorrow 9-2 and will drop by on Friday to check on things.

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