Weekly News 11/3/10

Happy Wednesday everyone,
Well, "all but the shouting" is over in regards to the election.  We have our beautiful Fall weather, God is Good, All the time.  How blessed we are.

I have a little personal thought (soap box) that came up earlier this week.  Some of you send me, to either here at the office or to my personal home, E-mails that are either only partly true or not true at all.  I have personally decided to not take part in these this as far as sending them on.  This is why:  We Christians get enough bad press.  Most of this type of info sent around is not 100% truthful.  If we want folks to believe what we say about our Jesus we shouldn't send out such items.  In our desire to "protect" we also damage.  Snopes is not all that reliable so if you are going to send items on research it more, go to the source.  Be a responsible E-mailer, Face Booker, etc.  OK Got it off my chest.  On with the news of the week.

Bruce Slone sent some info regarding a Hispanic meeting on Nov 20, 2010.  The full info will be at the end of this News letter.

Weekly News
No Weekly News next week.  All Weekly News is put on the web-site in the "info center" tab/Weekly News.  They are listed there by date if you need to look up something.
If you would like to add a page for news from your church please let me know and we'll figure that out.

Prayer Needs:  Let me know if your church has a prayer concern that can be posted here.
For those traveling to and from the NWBC in Pasco, WA:
I'm not certain how many of you are going.  If you are going please let me know, thank you.

For Grace:
Lenny and Sherry and the church there in Rogue River.  The matter is not settled.  Pray for God's protection but mostly that He would be glorified through all of what is happening there.  Pray for the Youth and parents who also are affected in so many ways by this and other school boards.

For Trinity:
For their Pastor Search committee. If anyone has any one in mind they can send the Resume to Joe Barnett at blessedrulord1@yahoo.com.  Or to Joe Barnett 7440 Maple Ln. Central Point OR. 97502.  Joe, is Chairman of the Trinity Baptist Church Pastor Search Committee, We can use all the Prays and help we can have in this matter.    Johnny Lay is their Interim.

For River Bend Community Baptist Church:
Ron and Jeanette Allen are working on support and housing at this time.  Pray that both would be secured soon as they wish to be here as soon as possible, January 1 for sure.  Please find info on the web.

Office schedule
The office will continue to have regular hours with the exception of being closed on the following dates: 
November 8, 10, 11 NWBC Annual Meeting
Possibly all of Thanksgiving week:  November 20, 22, 23 for a family holiday trip.
December 23, 30
Thank you for your understanding.  Feel free to call me anytime at my cell #  541-659-7261  or home 541-955-5319 with any questions or concerns.

November Anniversary:
Josue' and Janet Delgado,  26th

NWBC Annual Meeting - 8th Pastors Conference;  Annual Meeting 9th - 10th
It will be in Pasco, WA  at the Red Lion Inn
If any lady needs a roommate I already have a room reserved and will be happy to share costs and even a ride if needed.  Please let me know sooner than later. :)
Right now I have one seat remaining for anyone who would like a ride.  We will be leaving from College Heights Baptist Church, Grants Pass at about 1 PM.  We will be staying at Troutdale, OR, Sunday night and plan to arrive in Pasco by lunch time, Monday.  We will drive home on Thursday the 10th.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Prayer for International Missionaries:
November 28 - Dec 5 or any time you would like.  Even if you have this in your budget and don't take an offering per say,  the video etc. will help with the understanding of who our missionaries are and what they are doing.  I know you all are very busy, gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas, please don't forget to include the Lottie Moon Christmas offering.  If you need information go to http://www.imb.org/main/give/pagelm.asp?StoryID=8078&LanguageID=1709  this should get you directly to the order place.

December Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Bruce Pearson - 1st, Richard Williams - 8th, Mike & Teri Franell - 22nd, Janet Delgado - 27th, Dwayne & Tammy Johnson - 28th,  Karen Barnett - 30th, Lenny & Sherry Brewer - 30th

SBA Ministerial Christmas Dinner and Fellowship, December 3, 2010, 6:30 PM Foothills Baptist
RSVP event  Cost is $10 per couple
This year we will also include retired pastors and directors of missions of our association and those who are faithfully attending a SBA church and serving in a ministerial positions within their community and/or the association.

Date changes:
Pastor's and Wives Retreat
February 24-26, 2011 @ Galice
Est. cost $20 per couple

SBA Womens Retreat
February 26-28, 2011@ Galice
Est Cost $50 per person

January 5th Sunday Sing:
January 30, 2011  at College Heights.  More information will be coming closer to the date.

Information regarding a Hispanic conference, Nov 20, 2010:
From: Carlos Andres Rodriguez Murr [mailto:carlosandresmurr@yahoo.com]
Hi dear brothers and co-workers in Christ,
        Some of our pastors and leaders are interested in reaching Hispanics for Christ. I have ordered 50 books of Reaching Hispanics from NAMB, I have asked Lola a favor, to give them to the SLT members so that everyone in our teams can have one, and be aware of this resource available through NAMB for interested pastors.
        I also want to inform you that on November 20th we will have our NWBC Annual Event of Hispanic churches. The meeting will be held at First Baptist of Longview, Wa. We have already informed all the Hispanic churches of our convention and many will be attending. We expect anywhere between 200-350 people in attendance.
        The speaker will be Francisco Aular director of Action 52. It is a challenge to believers to make a habit of sharing the gospel at least one time for every week of the year.  A bag with 52 small seeds (number of weeks in a year) is given to those who take the challenge, every time the gospel is shared one seed is given away until the bag runs empty (many give away the seed and share the parable of the sower).
        Brother Francisco was instrumental in the Baptist churches of Venezuela and Colombia to grow from 80 to 800 in 20 years. He is a pastor in Montreal and aids the Baptist convention of Canada. Please help us pray for this event in the lives of our churches. I have attach the flyer in English.
        I leave you with the brief opening information about Hispanics in America that is part of an introduction of a NAMB report that I was a part of, and that deals with the issue of church planting centers.
Thank you,
God bless you,
Carlos Andres Rodriguez




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