Weekly News 9/22/10

Hi Everyone!
Hope you are enjoying the Fall weather, that your churches are getting in the swing of the change of season.  Fall seems to be the time to re-adjust in our churches.  Pray for each other during this time of change.

Beginning today all information that needs to get to you will be on the web-site as well as E-Mailed.

A thought on a church bulletin Board: 
"Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning Satan shutters and says "Oh no! He/Shes awake!"

For Trinity:
We are looking for a conservative Southern Baptist Preacher to be our Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church. On Sunday Mornings with a Average of 25 to 38 members in attendances and Sunday and Wednesday Nights with a average of 8 to 12 members attending  the service. We want to grow and get some young people and families in our church, right now 90% are seniors and we need the youth and young adults to round our church out, we need someone that  has, experience in growing churches, to do that.  If anyone has any one in mind they can send the Resume to Joe Barnett at blessedrulord1@yahoo.com.  Or to Joe Barnett 7440 Maple Ln. Central Point OR. 97502.  Joe, is Chairman of the Trinity Baptist Church Pastor Search Committee, We can use all the Prays and help we can have in this matter. 

For River Bend Community Baptist Church:
Ron and Jeanette Allen are working on support and housing at this time.  Pray that both would be secured soon as they wish to be here as soon as possible.

September 30th, the Annual Church Profile will be due.
If your mailing address has changed please check or let me know and I will check as they use what was last entered in the web site.
We have a very short time to get these in as our Annual meeting is earlier than usual.  I tried to give as much time as possible.

October Birthdays :
Bob Batte - 17th, John Dawson - 19th,  Dwayne Johnson - 30th

59th SBA Annual Meeting, October 11, 2010, Lozier Lane   Messenger form is on the web site.  Please send back as soon as possible.
Potluck dinner at 6:30 PM,  Meeting will start at 7:15 PM.    Kevin Darr, Lampman Road Baptist Church will be our preacher and their ladies trio will be our special music.

Layman's retreat, their families too!!  October 21-23, 2010, Little River Christian Camp, Glide Oregon
Please see attached flyer, what to bring, the all important information form.  The later is to be sent to one of the addresses at the bottom of the page.  Dead line is October 10th.

November Anniversary:
Josue' and Janet Delgado,  26th

Pastor's and Wives Christmas Dinner, December 3, 2010, Foothills Baptist
Watch for more information

2011 will begin in January with a Pastor's and wives retreat followed by Ladies retreat
Watch for more information

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