Weekly News

Weekly News 5/25/11

Wow, what a week.
I hope your week has been blessed and overwhelmed with God's direction and Peace.  Share it!
My prayers are with all those in the Mid-west and the South where so much has happened in God's creation.  Pray also for all those who are disaster relief personnel, Fire Dept, Police, National Guard, Dr's and nurses, hospitals and schools, our own Disaster Relief volunteers, the Red Cross and so many more.
The video on FB and the TV have given us a small sense of what it is like to go through such events.

On a lighter note!!
Foothills is hosting the "California Baptist School of Music" "HOPE" on June 14th, a Tuesday, at 6:30 PM. See attached flyer for this event.

Head count for 5th Sunday event needed by tomorrow, May 26th.
Sherry needs to know by tomorrow how many may be coming to eat at the 5th Sunday Picnic.
See below for more info
Attached is flyer.

Church/Pastor directory
I would like to get some motion going on the new Church/Pastor directory.  If you have not connected with me in regards to your page please do so soon.  Thank you very much.  This needs to be accomplished by the end of the Summer.

If you have an event for the Weekly News please let me know.  I try my best not to forget to get your event in so if it is not there give me a shout!
U-Turn needs bunk beds.  Can you help financially or donate a bed?  Call or E-mail U turn at:  keanlynch@gmail.com    or   uturn4christ@gmail.com   phone:  541-291-3040
https://www.uturnforchristoregon.org/U-Turn for_Christ_Oregon_Ne.html

Men's summer bible study series at the Phoenix house started last week. For contacts, maps, and general info follow the link. If you have a desire to lead an evening let me know.

Prayer Needs:  Let me know if your church has a prayer concern it will be posted here.
From Facebook and E-Mail:

from Bob Batte, Prospect
We need a portable office building to use for temporary SS space.
We need a 10-15 van or bus to use in the Lord’s ministry here. 
We have started the process of getting some trees out to make room for much needed building space. 

Are you praying for revival or movement of the Spirit for our land, Southern Oregon, your church.  Pray for your purity of heart, that you will be a witness that God can use.

Are you praying for the pastors of the Siskiyou Baptist Association?  Here are two of them and their wives: 
Bob & Betty Batte, Prospect Baptist Church, Prospect; Ron and Jeanette Allen, River Bend Community Baptist Church, Shady Cove

Please pray for some SBA Saints who are not doing well at this time.  They represent many years of service and concern for the Association.

Be in prayer for Bill Crews, Executive Director of the NWBC.  He has cancer and covets your prayers.

Pray for Bruce Sloan for a health problem.   He also covets your prayers

Larry Brons - College Heights Baptist - PTL doing well.  He thanks all of you for the concern, the cards, phone calls and visits.

Stan Smith -  Dayspring Baptist - Back injury

For Foothills, Lozier, Grace and Trinity as they do last minute plans and preparations for VBS.

For Lozier Lane Youth and team
as they prepare for their trip to Mexico June 25 - July 3, 2011

For Grace Baptist Youth team as they prepare for their trip through the NE USA and Washington DC.  July 3 - 14.

For ministries through out our SBA area that are reaching out to their greater community.

For River Bend Community Baptist Church:

Pray that they will find a suitable meeting place, one that they will have room to grow in, parking, classrooms.  For the coming evangelical outreach in June.
That the Allen Family will get used to all the bugs that are making them sick.  For Jeanette - Health

For Illinois Valley Baptist Church:
That they will be encouraged by our larger body of believers.  Cameron Camp is one of the leaders.  Give him a call at 541-597-4010  his email is: cameron@logicalwebhost.com
Worship/Ministry at Trinity in White City:  Is posted on their page on the web.  www.siskiyoubaptist.org
The rest is the current calendar information:

May Birthdays & Anniversaries:

Sherry Brewer, 18th;  JC and Karen Barnett, 20th;  William and Peggy Burns, 23rd

5th Sunday Picnic/BBQ - this coming Sunday
May 29th - 3:00 PM  (eat at 4:30)
At Evans Valley Elementary School, Rogue River
See attached flyer for directions and schedule of events.

June Birthdays & Anniversaries:
Kevin and Linda Darr -15th;  Michael Franell -18th;  Bruce and Susan Sloan -19th;  Kevin Darr - 22nd;  Ken and Nancy Goss - 23rd

Pastor's Prayer Time  6/6/2011 at Trinity Baptist in White City. Refreshments at 9:30 and prayer time at 10:00.

Foothills to host CBU "HOPE', Riverside, CA
Foothills is hosting the "California Baptist School of Music" "HOPE" on June 14th, a Tuesday, at 6:30 PM. See attached flyer for this event.

Foothills Baptist - June 20-24

Children/Youth Ministry Meetings
June 20th, Meet at Lozier Lane in Youth Room upstairs, 6:30 PM  Discussing: Camp and VBS

Prospect 50 year Anniversary Celebration - June 25th noon - 4
Join Prospect Baptist Church in their celebration.

Lozier Lane Mexico Trip - June 25th - July 3rd

Grace Baptist Ministry Trip to WA DC - July 3rd - 14th

Lozier Lane - July 10-15
Grace - July 18-22

Children/Youth Ministry Meetings
July 25th, Meet at Lozier Lane in Youth Room upstairs, 6:30 PM Discussing: Camp

Trinity - August 1-5

E-Board Meeting is August 29th (this date may change).
Items to be discussed: 2012 Budget, 2012 Calendar, ... .  More info to follow.

Children/Youth Camp - Info should be available
August 15-19  Camp week at Little River Christian Camp

Foothills, Medford Building Anniversary
More info to come.  It will be in September.

SBA Annual Meeting - Oct 17, 2011  Foothills, Medford  7:15
Dinner probably at 6:15  watch here for what to bring.
JC Barnett to preach.

Nancy Goss
Siskiyou Baptist Association