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28 January 2012

My name is Mike Malody, and I pastor Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pasco, WA.  In my former life I was an IRS employee (last couple years as an auditor) and have owned a tax preparation business.  My church has been gracious enough to allow me to have a ministry of preparing clergy and religious workers tax returns for free.  While I do accept honorariums, this is a faith-based ministry and there are never any charges for any services rendered.

Since you have just received your W-2 or will be receiving it in the next couple of weeks, I thought I might drop you this note, making you aware of this ministry.  If you already have a tax preparer, that’s great.  If you feel comfortable preparing your own tax return, that is also great.  However, for those who are not quite sure that your preparer is on top of the special areas of tax law that pertain to ministers or you do your own return preparation and have never really felt comfortable doing it…send me an e-mail of interest and I will set you up to receive some more information about this ministry and start the process of preparing your return for you.

I am relatively new to the northwest and you may not recognize my name so the best reference I can probably give you is that of my Region Five Team Leader, Garry Benfield.  You may contact him at 509-378-1155 or  Feel free to ask him any question that you wish to.  Other Regional Team Leaders/Members that are familiar with me are Ron Shepherd, Bruce Sloan and Gary Irby.  They have all referred fellow pastors to me for help. 

I will be happy to prepare your tax return, or, if all you have is a question to two, I would be happy to answer that for you.  I have no way of editing this e-mail list, so if this is a second letter you have received from me, please forgive me.  I am not trying to junk up your e-mail box. 

It could be that while you don’t need any help, you may have a friend in the ministry that does.  Please feel free to forward this information to them.  Last year, I prepared tax returns for pastors and religious workers in 28 states and two countries.  While I do not know all the answers, this affects me personally since I am a pastor, and, as such, I have a vested interest to stay abreast of the laws that have an impact on me.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

In His Service,


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