Missions Team
Leader: Tammy Johnson

World Changers Rogue River – June 20-25
 Coming up sooner than we are probably expecting.  Jill has indicated that they are taking donations of lunch bags, sandwich bags (zip type), and bottled water.  If you as an individual or a church would like to help in this way please contact her as soon as possible.  Another way to assist is in the making of the lunches.  She will need teams to help with this on a daily basis.  Would your church be interested?  Give her a call.  What is World Changers?  This Web page will help you  http://www.lifeway.com/worldchangers/about/



We, “shall serve by identifying and assisting in developing strategies and establishing cooperative mission opportunities in the association and beyond”  


A.  We shall be comprised of volunteers from active SBA members.  Volunteers must have a call from God, a passion to this ministry and cooperate with other individuals and churches in accomplishing the Mission Team statement.


B.  We will demonstrate a spirit and passion for their respective responsibilities by: Helping and supporting churches and Mission participants with idea's and prayer.


C.  We will be mindful always of God's call to serve all and serve well, not doing what will please one, but what will benefit, bless and edify many and build not only our programs, churches, ministries and association but also God's kingdom.

D.  We will seek to assist any SBA church or Christian of like ministerial philosophy outside SBC that are dedicated to starting a SBC Church or mission project within the scope of God’s direction, encouragement and purpose.

E.  We will train leaders for the purpose of:

1. Planning and promoting activities that will directly assist any SBA church or Christian in:

a. Sharing Christ with their neighbors.

b. Starting a church.

c. Assisting churches in accomplishing short or long-term Mission projects. (An area where the Missions team could assist the churches in promoting Missionary Emphasis etc)

d. Establish a steering group to meet regularly for the purpose of monitoring progress and to advise on particular challenges.

e. We will carry out these functions in a timely, orderly and prayerful manner. Meeting as needed to fulfill the task at hand.


Mission Team Leader Job Description

1.  Mission Team volunteers will nominate a team leader who will then be approved by the association.

2.  In the event of a vacancy, Mission team volunteers will prayerfully appoint another Leader.

3.  The team leader will coordinate the agenda for regular team meetings.  Publish the time, date, place of all meetings.  Facilitate the work of the team and cooperate with the other team leaders and pastors to accomplish their ministry.

Relationship to the Association

A. We will perform our duties mindful of the task & financial responsibilities given.

B.. We will keep the association in the loop with ongoing projects, activities, and ministry needs of the Churches of the Association.

C. We will have one of our team on the SBA Finance Committee.

D. We will send promotional items for events to our associational administration office to be sent on to the churches and individuals interested.


   May 2019