Weekly News10/13/10

Good Morning Everyone,
What a glorious day God has given us.  The Chilean Miners are on their way up and free from the darkness of the depths.  My prayer is that they will feel God's presence, desire His salvation and rely on His provision and peace in the days to come.

Office schedule
The office will continue to have regular hours with the exception of being closed on the following dates: 
October 21 - Layman's Retreat
November 8, 10, 11 NWBC Annual Meeting
Possibly all of Thanksgiving week:  November 20, 22, 23 for a family holiday trip.
December 23, 30
Thank you for your understanding.

Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting is behind us now.  Kevin Darr is our Moderator, Larry Brons has a dual position of Vice-Moderator and Treasurer, Andy Herman  is the Clerk with the main focus on taking the minutes of the  meetings.  I will do the rest of the work for him.  Thank you for your attendance and encouragement. 

Thank you to Lozier Lane Baptist Church for hosting this event.  A lot of preparation went into the feeding and the child care time.  Thank you so very much.
Thank you to our Region 4 Team who were here in force.  The encouraging words from Danny were just that, encouraging.  You are all very much appreciated.

The Ad-hoc committee for the Volunteer DOM position needs your input.  Please contact any of them with your suggestions.  The budget reflects the hiring for this position.  Bob Batte  541-560-1153, BandBEmergencyServices@earthlink.net;  Ron Lloyd 541-441-8663,  lloydrc61@live.com;  Larry Brons 541-471-7222 lbrons@charter.net

The Association also added a line item under Missions to support U-Turn for Christ at $400 per month.  This will help out this much needed and successful ministry at Lampman Road Baptist Church.  If your church  would like to have them come and present their presentation please call Kean:
Kean Lynch, Administrator
U-Turn For Christ Gold Hill
100 Lampman Rd., Gold Hill, OR, 97525
cell: (541) 292-9388

SBA 2010 Annual:
I will get to you changes in the SBA Annual ASAP. The format of the SBA directory will be changing.  I'll send  with the annual the new address etc. however the directory will be a couple of months before you will see it.  It would help immensely if you would send to me a photo of your church building, pastor and each staff member (with wife and at home family?), anyone you think should be in the directory.  Mailing address, phone #, Cell #s,   birthdays, anniversary, children living in the home.  Each church will have a page to start their section.  Each staff member will have a page.  Room to write changes as needed. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.  All photos need to be in the JPG format please.

Annual Church Profiles:
Thank you to all the Pastors, Clerks/Secretaries, and all those who provided them info for the ACP.  I know it is a  job to get it all together.  For those who sent yours in for me to enter, I will get all of that back to you by mail.  For the couple of churches who are still working on it we have a little time but please get it done soon.

Needs for Petra Baptist Fellowship.
A Praise to the Lord from Petra, a piano was donated to them from a member at Dayspring Baptist Church.  Pastor Williams and Bonnie Giles have both sent their heartfelt appreciation for this and the other items from other churches that have helped to fill this need. 

Prayer Needs:
For Grace:
Lenny and Sherry and the church there in Rogue River.  The matter is not settled to the satisfaction of the pastors in the Rogue River area.  Pray for God's protection but mostly that He would be glorified through all of what is happening there.  Pray for the Youth and parents who also are affected in so many ways by this and other school boards.

For Trinity:
For their Pastor Search committee. If anyone has any one in mind they can send the Resume to Joe Barnett at blessedrulord1@yahoo.com.  Or to Joe Barnett 7440 Maple Ln. Central Point OR. 97502.  Joe, is Chairman of the Trinity Baptist Church Pastor Search Committee, We can use all the Prays and help we can have in this matter. 

For River Bend Community Baptist Church:
Ron and Jeanette Allen are working on support and housing at this time.  Pray that both would be secured soon as they wish to be here as soon as possible.  Please find info on the web.

October Birthdays :
Bob Batte - 17th, John Dawson - 19th,  Dwayne Johnson - 30th

Layman's retreat, their families too!!  October 21-23, 2010, Little River Christian Camp, Glide Oregon
Call Sherry or Tammy if you want to go as they need to know NOW. 

Crosswalk and BBQ - October 30th, 10 AM
Please see PDF flyer attached.  Meet at Butler Band shell in Lithia Park, Windburn Way, Ashland, OR  97520.
The whole walk is about 4 miles.  You can do as much or as little as you would like.  The route can be E-mailed to you.  Contact Kean (see above)

October 5th Sunday Sing is Cancelled due to it being Halloween on that day.
The Fellowship Team thought folks would either be doing things in their churches or just be staying close to home.

November Anniversary:
Josue' and Janet Delgado,  26th

SBA Ministerial Christmas Dinner and Fellowship, December 3, 2010, 6:30 PM Foothills Baptist
RSVP event  Cost is $10 per couple
This year we will also include retired pastors and directors of missions of our association and those who are faithfully attending a SBA church and serving in a ministerial positions within their community and/or the association.

These two retreats may have a date change soon:  I'll keep you posted!
Pastor's and Wives Retreat
January 27-29, 2011 @ Galice
Est. cost $20 per couple

SBA Womens Retreat
January 29 - 31, 2011@ Galice
Est Cost $50 per person

January 5th Sunday Sing: 
January 30, 2011  at College Heights.  More information will be coming closer to the date.

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