Weekly News 1/12/12

Good Oregon Sunshine to you all today.  A little dry on the Sun but a great day in any event.  Going to get the printer ordered today.  One thing that is cool about it is it will print 11X17 paper, it is in the price range, and I can print 7,000 copies a month, well sort of.  So if you need a larger something printed or a poster for an event we can do that.  I am also hoping it will print envelopes which this old one quit long ago doing that.  So God is Good, all the time.  I thank Him for His provision and His precious Word that sooths the soul and calms the spirit.  So onward!

A few special announcements:

Now find Northwest Baptist Witness news at www.gonbw.org. To receive email alerts when new material is published on The Witness website, please email a simple “Witness Subscribe” message to twylao@nwbaptist.org so we can place you in our database of email subscribers. Entire church email address databases are encouraged.

Missions Forum West
Register now for Missions Forum West, Feb 6-8, 2012 at FBC Lakewood, (WA). 
This conference is for pastors, missions leaders, and any missions-minded individuals.  Missions Forum West (MFW) is the only SBC event of its kind in the Western United States.  MFW is a missions conference for dialogue, learning and networking with local, regional, national, and international mission leaders all in one place.  The event is co-sponsored by the International Mission Board, Seattle Church Planting/PSBA, NWBC, and First Baptist Church of Lakewood.

I will forward this to all of you after this newsletter gets out today.

Childhood Directors Retreat: Fill My Cup!
You pour into the lives of others, join friends who share your passion for childhood ministry.
Relax, Worship, Train and Dream about the future of childhood ministry in the Northwest!
$150, includes 5 Meals
5:00 pm Thursday through Saturday. 1:00 pm.
Register by February 15

 From the menu, select your personal blend to make this retreat the brew that will “hit the spot” for you as the Childhood Ministry Director in your church! For everyone who leads ministry to preschoolers, children and their families.
Ocean View Homes in Lincoln City, OR… 1 block from the beach!
Come early & enjoy free time: Arrive after 5:00 pm Wed., Feb. 29 or early March 1. No meals/program provided before 5:00 pm, Thursday.
Come and be filled, go and serve again!
Find out more:
Leigh Ann Stark
Childhood Ministry Specialist

Trinity Baptist Church could use a pianist and worship leader.  Do you know of someone who would be interested in helping them out.  Call Ron Allen at:  541-941-3934

Ladies Retreat
Don't forget ladies to get your RSVP in for the Ladies Retreat, no later than the 12th.  That is tomorrow.

New Challenge Seminar
By the end of this last week, invitations were mailed out for the New Challenge Seminar which will be held at the Northwest Baptist Center on February 9-10, 2012.

If you know of pastors and vocational church staff who are new to their ministry in the Northwest and should be invited, please contact Marsha Gray and provide names and ministry position information (and spouse name if known) of those who should be encouraged and invited to attend.  As the last New Challenge Seminar held was in October 2010, you might think back as far as fall of 2010 as you consider names.

Marsha Gray - MarshaG@nwbaptist.org

Pastors Tax Assistance for 2011
Pastor's have a little different way of filling out their taxes and not many tax folks understand the differences as most of you know.  Bruce Sloan sent an E-mail recently to I think all of you with a recommendation of a tax preparer who does.  If you did not get that E-mail and are interested I will be happy to forward it on to you. 

Correction - E-mail address is:
If you know of anyone who would like to get the SBA Weekly Newsletter please have them E-mail me at::  office@siskiyoubaptist.org  and I will be happy to add them to the list.  Just as easy to get off the list as well.

Prayer Needs:  Let me know if your church has a prayer concern it will be posted here.
Are you praying for you to be revived so that the revival or movement of the Spirit  for our land (USA), Southern Oregon and your church can be realized.
Pray for your purity of heart, that you will be a bold  and courageous witness that God can use.

Pray for 
Bruce and Cheryl Pearson and First Baptist, Phoenix
Pray for JC and Karen Barnett  and Foothills Baptist Church, Medford

Pray for all of our Pastor's and wives, Region 4 Team, missionaries, NWBC staff that they and we would have the grace given of God to know how to respond to each person we come to. Col 4:6

Be in prayer for
Bill Crews, Executive Director of the NWBC.   Pray for his health and those who are treating him.

Be in prayer for
Sara Wisdom, Retired Women's Strategist/WMU Director of the NWBC.  She has cancer and covets your prayers.

Be in prayer for U-Turn 4 Christ - Ministry of Lampman Road.

https://www.uturnforchristoregon.org/U-Turn for_Christ_Oregon_Ne.html

Prospect Baptist Church and Bob Batte as they work on making more room for many new folks and bus ministry.

William Burns - That Williams eyes will be healed.

For ministries through out our SBA area that are reaching out to their greater community.

For upcoming events, that they would encourage and edify the Body of Christ here in So. Oregon.

College Heights as they prepare to begin the process of God leading them to the right man for their church.
        Sidney Chasteen:
That her heart would heal in

For Illinois Valley Baptist Church:

Pastor Steve and Cheri Root as they settle in and get used to So Oregon!  Welcome to Steve and Cheri.

For Trinity Baptist
Needs a worship leader and pianist.

For So. Oregon New Work  that we will seek to see where God is leading and follow Him to reach many for Jesus.
The rest is the current calendar information:

Please feel free to add events, birthdays and anniversaries by calling me to do just that!  541-659-7261 or E-mail office@siskiyoubaptist.org

No date chosen but be watching, both are coming up soon:

 Disaster Relief Training - watch for more info regarding Disaster Relief Training here in Siskiyou Association
VBS Preview & Training, NWBC

January Birthdays:

Ken Barrington, 1st;  Patricia Williams, 5th; Ken Goss, 6th; Dave Kanton, 15th, Cheryl Pearson, 23rd;  Nita Kanton, 25th

Pastor's and Wives Retreat  Jan 12-14  Gold Beach  Tomorrow.  Pray for them as they travel and fellowship together.

Ladies Retreat  Jan 27-29  Galice Lodge  Deadline for reservations January 12, 2012  Tomorrow!!!
$50.  Deadline is January 12th each church has a flyer and registration forms.  Call me if you cannot find them.
Treat yourself!  Step into the "Sweet Life Cafe" and satisfy your cravings for friends, God, and spiritual growth.  Engage and feel a sense of belonging as you enjoy a buffet of refreshing group experiences and reflective alone time with God.  After all the fun, we'll leave with a "sweet" reward... encouraged and renewed in our relationship with God and others!

 SBA 5th Sunday Singspiration and potluck @ Lozier Lane
January 29 –5:00 PM Potluck-Bring side and/or dessert, 6:15 Sing begins.  Each church please bring no more than 2 selections.
Sherry Brewer 541-582-1617  lennynsherry@msn.com

February Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Stan and Rhonda Smith, 1st;  Ron and Carol Lloyd, 6th; Ron and Jeanette Allen, 16th; Beverly McKinney, 6th; Susan Sloan, Region 4

Administration Team Meeting - March 1, 2012  11:00 - 1:30
This is a Thursday.  We will meet at Tap Rock for lunch.  Dutch Treat.  Evergreen Room
Any one may come, please let me know if you are (so there are enough chairs) and what you wish to present.  This is a pre-Executive Board Meeting meeting.
March Birthdays and Anniversaries:
Linda Darr, 6th; Dave and Nita Kanton, 9th; Jim McKinney, 16th; Larry Brons, 17th
March 4th - 10th - Week of Prayer for North American Missions/Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
March 9th-10th MAPs Conference - for your secretaries and clerks

REVIVAL MARCH 11-16  Grace Baptist, Rogue River
with Ronnie Ratlif from Gilman City, Missouri.

Currently Ronnie, and his wife Iva, serves in Trenton, Missouri pastoring the 10th Street Baptist Church. Ron was Lenny's mentor when he served in Missouri with the Cooperative Youth Minis

Easter April 8th

E-Board Meeting - April 23rd - Monday - 7:00 PM - Trinity Baptist Church

SBA 5th Sunday Singspiration and potluck @ Evans Valley Elementary School

April 29 – times etc to come.  Usually a BBQ and we each bring a side???  Each church please bring no more than 2 selections.
Sherry Brewer 541-582-1617  lennynsherry@msn.com

5th Sundays 2012
July - College Heights
September - Grace
Dec - we will not have a 5th Sunday sing in December 2012

CAMP 2012
Youth and Children's Camp July 9th - 13th, 2012 watch here for more details as they become available.
Dwayne Johnson - violapianoman@hotmail.com
If you are interested in helping call Dwayne.

Nancy Goss
Siskiyou Baptist Association

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