Weekly News 12/13/11

Good morning to you.  I guess we'll possibly get a white Christmas!  It just won't be snow.....  I hope all your plans for this Holy Season are going well.  It has been amazing at the number of clerks who wished Ken and I a Merry Christmas as we shopped last night in Medford.

The Pastor's and Wives dinner was a wonderful time of fellowship and fun.  Thank you Sherry and the extended Fellowship Team for making it a priority for our Pastor's and Wives to get together.  Thank you also to our server, just one gal between all of us, I think her name was Lisa.  She did a great job.  Thank you also to Nicci the photographer.  I'm looking forward to seeing the end result.

Thank you also Siskiyou Baptist Association for the gift card.  I appreciate you all right back as you are who make up this group and do all the real work. 

God is working in our midst and our churches are growing as we  reach out to the unsaved and unloved.  Yes there are problems and issues to be sure, our excuse is that we are "human" after all.  Let us remember that we are in His Kingdom and need to have a much higher expectation of our actions.  The World is watching us.....

Yes today is Tuesday and normally it is a day off.  However, the granddaughter calls and so lunch tomorrow is at her school.  Thus the change. 

Next week will be regular hours as far as I know.  The week between Christmas and New Years I will not be in the office though available.  So be sure to use my cell phone, see below, for any questions or concerns.


Our friend Cecil Sims passed away as I hope most of you know already.  The service information is:
From: Twyla Outhier
Sent: Fri 12/9/2011 10:55 AM
Subject: Cecil Sims service
Memorial service for Cecil Sims
Northwest Baptist Center
3200 NE 109th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98682
This coming Saturday, December 17, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.

Cards may be sent to the above address.

According to the sign at Cost Co, postal rates are going up a penny January 22, 2012.  Just so you are prepared.  Your current Forever stamps are not affected but will be next time you purchase.

Have you RSVP'd for these future events?  The deadlines are below.  Pastor's and Wives Retreat - Gold Beach  and Ladies Retreat - Galice Lodge

Well here we go with the usual but always changing events. 

Is your church having an event sometime during the holidays?  Please let me know and I'll post it here and on the web page.  Folks do look at our web page!!!

Prayer Needs:  Let me know if your church has a prayer concern it will be posted here.
From Facebook and E-Mail:

Are you praying for you to be revived so that the revival or movement of the Spirit  for our land (USA), Southern Oregon and your church can be realized.
Pray for your purity of heart, that you will be a bold  and courageous witness that God can use.

Are you praying for the
pastors of the Siskiyou Baptist Association and region 4 Team?  Here are region 4 team members:  Bruce and Susan Sloan; Von Tomisini, Rick Derby Region 4 Team Members  Von and his wife and Rick and his wife are going to be leaving the employ of the NWBC in a couple of weeks.  Please pray as they make the transition to other ministries.  Thank you for your service.

Pray this week for our pastors, missionaries, lay people to "be quick to take the escape God provides when temptation sneaks up on them."  1 Corinthians 10:13 (from NAMB 30 ways to pray for missionaries)
Be in prayer for the Sims family.  See above for information regarding the service.
Be in prayer for Bill Crews, Executive Director of the NWBC.  Had a set back last week.  Pray for him, is family, the doctors as they all decide on a treatment that will encourage his healing. 

Be in prayer for
Sara Wisdom, Retired Women's Strategist/WMU Director of the NWBC.  She has cancer and covets your prayers.

Be in prayer for U-Turn 4 Christ - Ministry of Lampman Road.

https://www.uturnforchristoregon.org/U-Turn for_Christ_Oregon_Ne.html

Bob Batte's father, Bob - Nothing new for awhile.  I think Bob mentioned to me that both his Dad and Betty's mom were doing well.

Please pray for Ken O'Neal in RVMC with a rare blood disorder as well as a rare blood type. He's been moved to ICU and Dr. has told the family to be prepared!.
William Burns - Please pray for William and Peggy as they travel this Christmas season, possibly by train.

For ministries through out our SBA area that are reaching out to their greater community.

For upcoming events, that they would encourage and edify the Body of Christ here in So. Oregon.

For Illinois Valley Baptist Church:

Pastor Steve and Cheri Root will be traveling and getting settled in this month.  They will serve their first Sunday on Christmas Sunday.  Cameron also said the church is excited and has been growing.  PTL
Cameron Camp is one of the leaders.  Give him a call at 541-597-4010  his email is: cameron@logicalwebhost.com   12/7/11

For Prospect Baptist Church 
Pray that the 2nd bus get to running order, needs a or more tires.  Growth in the church means building, parking etc issues.  Good things!!

For Rick and Paula Floyd
Continue to pray for Melissa, her doctors, and family as she is still very ill.

For Trinity Baptist
For Jeanette Allen as she had a post surgery set back. (12/11/11)  She is home last I heard.  For Ron as he seeks God's leading in evangelizing with the purpose of planting churches.

For So. Oregon New Work
The rest is the current calendar information:

Please feel free to add events, birthdays and anniversaries by calling me to do just that!  541-659-7261 or E-mail office@siskiyoubaptist.org

December Birthdays and Anniversaries:

Bruce Pearson, 1st; Rick Derby (R-4), 3rd;  Zach Badley, 4th;  Richard Williams, 8th;  Mike and Teri Franell, 22nd;  Janet Delgado, 27th;  Dwayne and Tammy Johnson, 28th;  Karen Barnett, 30th;  Lenny and Sherry Brewer, 30th

SBA office will be closed on December 26th, Monday, the rest of the week I will be available but not in the office.


Pastor's and Wives Retreat  Jan 12-14  Gold Beach  Deadline for reservations January 1, 2012
There are 2 houses, located side by side that have 6 bedrooms. There is also a campsite about 150 ft from them if you prefer to pull your trailer up. I am preparing to make reservations but need a heads up on who thinks they will be able to attend and if they prefer a room in the house OR will be pulling in their camper. The Fellowship team will be paying for those 2 nights at the site or your room in the houses. If you would like to look at pics, go to goldbeachinn.com and click Ireland's Rustic and the RV link is at the bottom of the home page also. 

Ladies Retreat  Jan 27-29  Galice Lodge  Deadline for reservations January 12, 2012
$50.  Deadline is January 12th each church has a flyer and registration forms.  Call me if you cannot find them.
Treat yourself!  Step into the "Sweet Life Cafe" and satisfy your cravings for friends, God, and spiritual growth.  Engage and feel a sense of belonging as you enjoy a buffet of refreshing group experiences and reflective alone time with God.  After all the fun, we'll leave with a "sweet" reward... encouraged and renewed in our relationship with God and others!

 SBA 5th Sunday Singspiration and potluck @ Lozier Lane
January 29 –5:00 PM Potluck-Bring side and/or dessert, 6:15 Sing begins.  Each church please bring no more than 2 selections.
Sherry Brewer 541-582-1617  lennynsherry@msn.com

Administration Meeting - March 1, 2012  11:00 - 1:30
This is a Thursday.  We will meet at Tap Rock for lunch.  Dutch Treat.  Evergreen Room
Any one may come, please let me know if you are and what you wish to present.  This is a pre-Executive Board Meeting meeting.

REVIVAL MARCH 11-16  Grace Baptist, Rogue River
with Ronnie Ratlif from Gilman City, Missouri.

Currently Ronnie, and his wife Iva, serves in Trenton, Missouri pastoring the 10th Street Baptist Church. Ron was Lenny's mentor when he served in Missouri with the Cooperative Youth Minis

E-Board Meeting - April 23rd - Monday - 7:00 PM - TBD

SBA 5th Sunday Singspiration and potluck @ Evans Valley Elementary School

April 29 – times etc to come.  Usually a BBQ and we each bring a side???  Each church please bring no more than 2 selections.
Sherry Brewer 541-582-1617  lennynsherry@msn.com

5th Sundays 2012
July - College Heights
September - Grace
Dec - we will not have a 5th Sunday sing in December 2012

CAMP 2012
Youth and Children's Camp July 9th - 13th, 2012 watch here for more details as they become available.
Dwayne Johnson - violapianoman@hotmail.com
If you are interested in helping call Dwayne.

Thanks to all who keep me straight!
As usual please let me know if the info here is incorrect.  Everyone would appreciate it.  Thank you.
I'm off to get the mail and lunch.  Have a great day!

Nancy Goss
Siskiyou Baptist Association

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