Weekly News 12/29/10

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Wow here we are at the end of another year.  2011 is upon us and so many exciting things are going to happen in this year with and for our churches here in the SBA.  I am looking forward to seeing how God is going to use us in the coming year to reach our neighbors and communities.

Special Called E-Board Meeting:
This meeting will be on Thursday, January 6th, at Foothills at 7:00PM.  We will be  presenting to Siskiyou Baptist Association a camp opportunity.
Postcards went to Pastors and Churches.  Please let all E-Board members know.  Thank you.

Teams you can be a part of:
The Fellowship Team promotes activities within the association to foster fellowship between the churches and pastors. Activities that we have done or are currently working on include:
Pastors and Wives annual retreat
Women's Retreat
Men's retreat
5th Sunday Sings and the annual picnic
Pastors and wives Christmas dinner
Housing our Gold Beach Pastors when they come in for meetings.
Our meeting place at this time will be at Lenny and Sherry's home in Rogue River at 9 AM.
Dates for meetings in 2011 are Feb 28; April 25; Sept 12; Nov 7. Contact Sherry Brewer by E-mail lennynsherry@msn.com or phone #541-582-1617
If you would like to assist at certain events rather than be a full team member this is needed as well.

The Missions Team leads out in many areas of support for our churches to reach our area for Jesus Christ.  Their job description and leader is being worked on but you can be a part by calling the SBA office 541-956-7588 to be added to the team.

The Children and Youth Ministry Team reaches out to the children and youth in our area with several activities  through out the year.  The Youth Winter Retreat and Summer Camp for both the Children and Youth.  All activities encourage the bringing of friends who do not know Jesus.
At this time I do not have dates, times or a meeting place.
If you would like to assist at certain events this is needed as well.  Please let Dwayne know you are available.
If you are called to this ministry contact:  Dwayne Johnson at:  541-973-6461  E-mail: tameral541@charter.net  or Tammy Johnson at: 541-621-9534  E-mail:  grammytammy@live.com

The Administration Team takes care of Association business between the meetings of the SBA.  It is formed by our constitution and By-laws.  If you have any questions regarding this team please let me know.

Prayer Needs:  Let me know if your church has a prayer concern that can be posted here.
Pray for an 18 yr. old who is coming down off heroin and missing home badly. Pray he stays and completes U-Turn, and that he receives “sight.” He struggles with faith, but he knows God is there.
Pray for a young man in New Mexico. He agreed to come to U-Turn, but so many things can happen between now and then. Pray for the "hounds of heaven" to chase him right to our door step. He should arrive Monday. He has MS, pray for that, and a Baptism!

UT4Christ Needs a house rental in Medford for some of the guys.  Contact Kean Lynch at UTurn4Christ - keanlynch@gmail.com

For River Bend Community Baptist Church:
PTL Ron and Jeanette Allen have possession of the house and the church is meeting there.  They plan to come up to Oregon the first part of January. Jeanette has been having some health issues, pray that she is healed completely and that they will not be delayed for any reason.  Pray for their moving experience and settling in process.  The buyer they had for their home in Texas fell through, pray for a new buyer with a quick escrow!

Does your church need:
Steel folding chairs?  First, Phoenix has steel folding chairs that they would like to make available to a sister church.  Contact Bruce Pearson @ 541-821-2732 for information and arrangements.

Office schedule
Is back pretty much to the regular times.
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday  9 - 2
Drop in when you can!

Lozier Lane Mexico Mission Team 2011

Lozier Lane Youth Ministry "Live Out Loud"

Lozier Lane Youth Ministry Presents "Live Out Loud" a hour long musical of praise and worship, along with skits that can be applied to life as we know it today!  A must See for everyone!
Lozier Lane Youth "Live Out Loud" If you are interested in having us come and present the Musical!! Please Contact Tammy Johnson VIA Facebook or call 541-621-9534 to set up a date and time!
Have a blessed day
"LIVE OUT LOUD" TIE DIE T-SHIRTS   (Don't know if these are still available  very cute and eye catching)
VIA FACEBOOK, E-MAIL grammytammy@live.com , or call 541-621-9534
UTurn4Christ Newsletter


December Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Please let me know if someone else needs to be added.  Thank you

Bruce Pearson - 1st, Zach Badley - 4th; Richard Williams - 8th, Mike & Teri Franell - 22nd, Janet Delgado - 27th, Dwayne & Tammy Johnson - 28th,  Karen Barnett - 30th, Lenny & Sherry Brewer - 30th

January Birthdays & Anniversaries:  Please let me know if someone else needs to be added.  Thank you

Patricia Williams - 5th; Brian and Arlene Farrar - 6th; Nita Kanton - 15th; Brian Farrar - 18th; Cheryl Pearson - 23rd; Dave Kanton - 25th

January 5th Sunday Sing:

January 30, 2011  at College Heights, Grants Pass.  Potluck will start at 5 PM.  Sing will begin at 6:15.  Please limit your selections to no more that 2 per church.

Youth Winter Retreat

February 19-20 at Little River Christian Camp in Glide, OR  (Lord  please let this be right this time.  Amen)

Fellowship Team Meeting

February 28, 2011  9 AM at Lenny and Sherry's home in Rogue River.  Call Sherry for directions or more information at 541-582-1617  or E-Mail:   lennynsherry@msn.com

SBA Men's Retreat

March 4th & 5th - Little River Christian Camp - Glide, OR

SBA Pastor's and Wives Retreat

March 31-April 2, 2011 @ Galice

Est. cost $20 per couple

SBA Women's Retreat

April 2-4, 2011@ Galice

Est. Cost $50 per person

Fellowship Team Meeting

April 25, 2011  9 AM at Lenny and Sherry's home in Rogue River.  Call Sherry for directions or more information at 541-582-1617  or E-Mail:   lennynsherry@msn.com

SBA Executive Board Meeting

April 25, 2011  Dayspring Baptist  7PM

Possible Missions Fair  the date is yet to be determined
This is in the planning stages.

  We hope to have Scott & Denise Wood here as our main speakers.  I will keep you posted.  Right now it looks like the end of April or first part of May.  Possibly on April 30th at Grace, Rogue River.

Contact me if your church would like Scott Wood to make a presentation in your church. He can do other presentations as well.

We're looking at finding out if there is anything that we can help them with as far as their needs on the field.

Lozier Lane Mexico Trip - June 25th - July 3rd

Grace Baptist Ministry Trip - June 30th - July 14

Women of Faith Conference Oct 6-8, 2011

We have several tickets left to the

Women of Faith Conference

scheduled next Oct 6-8. The ticket and 2 nights lodging at the Courtyard Marriot (located 2 blocks away from the Rose Garden Arena) is $165. Please notify Sherry 541-582-1617 or Tammy 541-621-9534 if you have anybody interested in going... There are 6 spots left, in our group seating area of 52.

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