Weekly News 3/9/11

Good Morning to you all.
Some exciting things are happening.  I'm looking forward to seeing some great movies that are driven by Christians.  Tammy will get me a list, soon so that you can see them. 

"IN GOD WE TRUST" is still the USA motto! PTL  It survived the 9th Circuit and the Supreme Court will not hear an appeal.  (Heard on I think KDOV this AM)

Grace Baptist at Rogue River has a new and improved Web page.  Check them out at:  www.gracebaptistrogueriver.com  Lookin' good!!

Please send back your NWBC Region 4 Survey if you have not already.

The plans for the Missions/Ministry Fair are coming along.  You should receive today or tomorrow a form for you to sign up for a booth.  What ever you do for your community or church as a ministry is great to show our other churches what we are all doing and give each other some visual ideas on how we can reach out.  At last count there are about 8 or so counting Scott Wood with the IMB and Bill Griffith with the NWBC Disaster Relief.  If nothing else, plan on being at Grace Baptist by 10 AM on April 30th!  After the booths and speakers there is planned a Benefit BBQ and VBS training.  Thank you Grace on the Go for hosting this event.

PTL for our folks who can fix things for other churches.  Trinity has had some major work done, mostly if not all, by volunteers from the SBA.  Thank you all for being there for our Brothers and Sisters at Trinity.  I understand it is not completed so if you have some time give them a call 541-826-3572 or 541-301-5865

Please also look for a different Pastor/Church Directory.  I will add the E-mails to it.

I will have a short day tomorrow the 10th.  I have a ministry opportunity and decided to take it.  Also, next week I will probably take Thursday off as Friday is a training opportunity.   My husband Ken's Dad is still in a coma, he had more surgery yesterday but will not know for a few weeks if this is going to do anything for him.  Along with that I will be gone for a week in July to be with the family.

New Resources
The DVD's from the 2010 NWBC Pastor conference and Annual Meeting have arrived.  They are: Grant Bowles, James Merritt 1 & 2, Tim Walker, Bill  Crews, Frank Page, Scott Brewer, and Tim Palmer.  These are very encouraging messages.  They are here at the SBA Office E-mail me or phone when you would like to check them out.

Also in the resource department:  The Children and Youth Team has purchased resources for the Children and Youth.  If you are interested please contact  Dwayne or Tammy  Johnson.

Please read this in regards to children activities:

Dear Church Family,
We are in the process of coordinating an associational outing for our children's departments ages Kindergarten - 5th grades.  We would like to schedule a trip to Wildlife Images 12 miles west of Grants Pass.  The center is a rehabilitation center for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife.  The tour is about 1 1/2 hours and the children will see a variety of wildlife, including bears, mountain lions, wolves, bobcats, bald eagles, vultures, and much more. 

The three possible dates are March 22, March 23, or March 24.  I have submitted these dates with Tuesday, March 22 being our 1st choice.  Each church will need to provide 1 adult chaperone per 5 children.   I need to submit a count to the center; therefore, I need to have a count from each of the churches no later than Wednesday, March 2.

If we are confirmed for the tour by the center, we will meet in the parking lot of the Wildlife Images (I will email directions later) on the approved date at 10:30 am.  Each person will need to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a warm jacket.  Following the tour, we would like to have picnic lunches at the White Horse Park nearby.  So each person will also need to bring a sack lunch and drink.

The cost for the tour is $5.00 per child and $10 per adult..  Please let me know ASAP whether or not your church has any children and adults who would like to participate.  We hope you can join us for this time of great fun and fellowship.

Teri Franell
Lozier Lane Baptist
(541)973-7718 or email lozier7@juno.com

Also if you would like to have input for the Children Activities, Please read this:
Dear Children's Department Leaders:

Pat Stancel and I have been chairing the Associational Children's Ministry. We are in the process of planning associational activities for the children for the rest of the year.  We would like your input so that we can bring recommendations to our next meeting in May.

Our goal is to provide activities that will promote growth for the children's departments for our churches as well as encouragement and fellowship for those children already attending churches.  If you have any  suggestions/ideas for activities that you would like to participate in, please let me know by March 21 so that we can begin planning the calendar.  Thank You,  Teri Franell   (541)973-7718

VBS ministry opportunity
Are churches in your Baptist Association interested in a hands-on project that will help the physical and spiritual needs of children around the world?  One that would give you the opportunity to connect Kids Who Care with Kids In Need?

This summer Lifeway Christian Stores will partner with Baptist Global Response to feature the missions project in their Vacation Bible School materials.  The project is called “Kits for Kids” and will involve U.S. churches and VBS groups in collecting/packing basic school supplies in 2.5 gallon re-sealable bags.   These educational kits will be mailed by churches to a warehouse in Virginia, and from there shipped out to various parts of the world for distribution to kids in need of these basic school items. 

There are millions of children around the world who are unable to attend school because their families cannot afford the basic supplies required.  Others live in areas recently struck by disasters which render the supplies unavailable.   Providing these simple school items will not only meet the physical needs required for education, but will also give missionaries and national partners an opportunity to share the love of Christ with these children and their families as the supplies are distributed.

Your Baptist Association can be a part of this exciting project!  We need your help in promoting this opportunity with your churches. For more information visit the website www.vbskitsforkids.com or contact Baptist Global Response at this address:
Baptist Global Response
402 BNA Drive, Suite 411
Nashville, TN  37217
Phone:  1 -866-974-5623 (Toll Free)

Please consider this opportunity to be the connection between Kids Who Care and Kids in Need!
Lori Funderburk and Regina Palmer
Kits for Kids Project Directors
Email:  kitsforkidsinfo@gobgr.org

Little River Christian Camp:  Tammy and Sherry were asked to put together a web site (That has been worked on already).  They had to leave before the meeting was completed.  At this point the decision is in the boards of LRCC's hands.  The board was encouraged but Tammy and Sherry do not know at this point what their involvement will be.  Keep praying.

Youth and Children's Meetings:
Please add these to your calendar and be involved in this important ministry of the SBA.
May 16, 2011  Meet at Lozier Lane in Youth Room upstairs, 6:30 PM  Discussing: Camp, VBS, Sr High Youth Weekend Missions on Coast (possibly Oct 10-12)
May 22nd, Camp Theme announced and Forms available in your churches.
June 20th, 2011 (Same place and time) Discussing: Camp and VBS
July 25th, 2011 (Same place and time) Discussing: Camp
August 15-19  Camp week at Little River Christian Camp

Opportunities to help our sister churches:
College Heights:
        Just got off the phone with Larry Chasteen (outreach director for CHBC), and he asked me to help him enlist some "outside teams" to assist in a Prayer Walking/Bible Distribution on either April 9 or April 16 (10:30 AM - Noon).  There are at least seven areas they hope to cover the two weekends before Easter Sunday (April 24) and they need some help.
Let me know of your availability no later than March 8th so I can coordinate the teams according to number and date available.  Here is an opportunity to assist one of our sister churches in touching their community for Christ.
 Thanks,  Bruce Sloan

PTL the Volunteer DOM Committee
Has sent to the pastors the proposed job description and search info.  Pray for the right man for the job to just float to the top of the applications.  If God wills this will come to vote at the E-Board in April.

Thank you
Many of us have had the opportunity to be blessed with the help of the UTurn guys.  Thank you for your positive and energetic work ethic.
Pray for:
John, Tyler, JT, Nick, Jacob to give their lives to the Lord!
Pray for "D" that he might agree to come to the ministry quickly, and for Lara, and her brother both from Canada, and that he would come to U-Turn.

Continue to pray that the walls would fall out, and God's people would pour in!

The rest is the current calendar information:
Upcoming need of assistance in other areas of the NWBC
Siletz First Baptist/ Sacred Ground Outreach will be holding our annual Spring Break VBS on March 21st -March 25th. It runs 9:30 AM until noon daily, with a program on the 25th at 7 PM. We get about 60-70 community kids attending each Spring. We're headed to a "beach Blast."  Just checking to see if any of you know of any teens (over 16) or adults that might be able to come help us do recreation or teach classes. We're fine on staffing for crafts and snacks...but  have a lot of staffing holes to fill on the other positions.

Thanks for letting me know.
Mary Parker, VBS Director
Siletz First Baptist

home phone: 541-444-7669
church phone: 541-444-9323
email:  mparker355@wildblue.net 
Upcoming church events you can attend

Muslim Study at Foothills Baptist Church
Join us in understanding what Muslims believe and how to point them to Christ.
May 14 2011  Saturday 2:00 PM  541-613-0802  E-mail:  foothillsbaptistchurch@clearwire.net  (please note this new address!)
Usama K. Dakdok, Muslim Evangelism Specialist, The Straight Way of Grace Ministry, Inc.

Women of Faith Conference Oct 6-8, 2011
Sherry Brewer's phone number if you want to go and/or have questions is 541-582-1617.

Lozier Lane Youth Ministry "Live Out Loud"   Book them they are great!
VIA FACEBOOK, E-MAIL grammytammy@live.com , or call 541-621-9534

UTurn4Christ Newsletter

Prayer Needs:  Let me know if your church has a prayer concern it will be posted here.
Please pray for some SBA Saints who are not doing well at this time.  They represent many years of service and concern for the Association.

as the teams make plans and put them in motion for a variety of items.  See below for a listing of things that need to be covered in prayer.

For River Bend Community Baptist Church:
 New local number:  541-878-7379.

For Foothills Baptist Church:
 New E-mail:  foothillsbaptistchurch@clearwire.net

For Illinois  Baptist Church:
 That God would guide and give wisdom to those who are involved.

March Birthdays & Anniversaries:
Linda Darr 6th; Dave and Nita Kanton 9th;

SBA Pastor's and Wives Retreat
March 31-April 2, 2011 @ Galice
Please register before February 14, 2011
Cost $40 per couple

April Birthdays & Anniversaries:
Bruce Sloan 22nd; Carol Lloyd 23rd;  Betty Batte 25th, Tabitha Badley 28th

Disaster Relief Round Table
April 1-2 at the NWBC Center in Vancouver, WA
Check out the Witness for more info.

SBA Women's Retreat
April 2-4, 2011@ Galice
Women ages 19 and over.
Please register before February 28, 2011
Cost $50 per person

Fellowship Team Meeting
April 25, 2011  9 AM at Lenny and Sherry's home in Rogue River.  Call Sherry for directions or more information at 541-582-1617  or E-Mail:   lennynsherry@msn.com

SBA Executive Board Meeting
April 25, 2011  Dayspring Baptist  7PM

Missions/Ministry Fair  the date is April 30th, 10 - 12 at Grace Baptist Family Center
Look in your E-mail for a form to send to me for a space for the fair.  It is going fast.  We need to know how many tables to set out.  They will be 8 feet long.
A BBQ to benefit the mission trips will be available for purchase.  Price will be reasonable, we should know a bit closer to the time.
Free parking!  Bring your whole church!
This is still evolving but much closer.

Scott Wood, IMB and Bill Griffith of SBC Disaster Relief will be our speakers.
Do you have a ministry that could be a part of this event?  Let me know as soon as you can so we can further plan.
The idea is: To show the other churches what is going on in your church.  To help them see what is possible in our area of Southern Oregon.  To  encourage prayer for each other and interaction as we work  together to further the cause of Christ.  It has been well tested that the more you are informed the more you will pray and support.
Do you have a singing group that would be willing to do 15-20 minutes, possibly more as back ground entertainment?

Missionary Scott Wood will be at a  Dayspring on May 1st at the 11:00 service.   Phoenix has signed up for the evening 6:00 PM service.
Contact me if your church would like Scott Wood to make a presentation in your church. He can do presentations to meet your needs.

We're looking at finding out if there is anything that we can help them with as far as their needs on the field.
Here is a list for us to pray about and decide what we would like to send on with Scott and Denise from our Association:  They would need what ever we get them well before they leave later this year.
Portable video projector.  Portable sound system.  Microphones &  misc. audio cables.  Computer.  Bibles in Polish.  Various needs for 2012 European Soccer Championship outreach: literature, water distribution, travel.  Sports equipment: various.  High quality video camera – HD & Flash Memory (ex: Canon HF S200).  2 six foot folding tables would be great.   As he thinks of other items he will let me know.

VBS training: the date is April 30th, 1-3? at Grace Baptist Family Center
This will follow the Missions/Ministry Fair.

SBA Men's Retreat
May 12-14 - Looking at Lake Selmac

Children/Youth Ministry Meeting
May 16, 2011  Meet at Lozier Lane in Youth Room upstairs, 6:30 PM  Discussing: Camp, VBS, Sr High Youth Weekend Missions on Coast (possibly Oct 10-12)

Muslim Study at Foothills Baptist Church
Join us in understanding what Muslims believe and how to point them to Christ.
May 14 2011  Saturday 2:00 PM  541-613-0802  E-mail:  foothillsbaptistchurch@clearwire.net  (please note this new address!)
Usama K. Dakdok, Muslim Evangelism Specialist, The Straight Way of Grace Ministry, Inc.

Children/Youth Ministry Meetings
May 22nd, Camp Theme announced and Forms available in your churches.
June 20th, 2011 (Same place and time) Discussing: Camp and VBS
July 25th, 2011 (Same place and time) Discussing: Camp

Has your church decided when your VBS will be this year?  Please let me know so that we can be praying for your workers and the children who will be attending.
Foothills Baptist - June 20-24

Lozier Lane Mexico Trip - June 25th - July 3rd

Grace Baptist Ministry Trip - June 30th - July 14

Cornerstone Baptist Church
Some of the things that we'll need volunteers for are:   Painting; Siding, roofing, cooking, minor structural repairs.
Friday, July 8 at 9:00am - July 17 at 12:30am
More Info 4600 Swegle Rd NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

Children/Youth Camp
August 15-19  Camp week at Little River Christian Camp

Women of Faith Conference Oct 6-8, 2011
In Oct of 2011 in Portland, at the Rose garden Arena, the Women of Faith Conference will be going on!
Last fall I prepurchased seats for 50 and have since made hotel accommodations for Thursday and Friday night at the Courtyard Narriott, about 2 blocks from the arena. I have about 16 spots open at this time. The cost for the 2 day conference, box lunches Fri & Sat and 2 nights accommodations is $165 per person.
If you are interested please let me know.
Currently the other ladies attending will have paid $60 by Feb an are paying $15 a month.
 My (Sherry Brewer) phone number if you have questions is 541-582-1617.

Nancy Goss
Siskiyou Baptist Association

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