Weekly News 4/6/11

Hi everyone.  Wow Spring has sprung!  Today on the way to the office I got detained, along the back road I was driving, by a family of Canada Geese.  Mom and Dad bringing up the front and rear of the line of 4 or 5 chicks that were so very tiny.  Maybe just a day or so old.  Something that seems to be missing in our churches, protection and training, for our young folks and new believers.  Some how we have lost that conductibility with folks.  How do we get that back?  How is your church overcoming that situation?

The office will be closed all of next week and maybe the Monday following, April 11-18.  The checks will be written this week.  Call Kevin Darr 541-291-3040  or Larry Brons 541-226-6497 if you have a question.  I will also have my cell with me.

Please get your table reservation in for the Mission & Ministry event.  OR you can call or E-mail it.  We need to know by the 25th, E-Board evening.

The Women's Retreat was a treat!  I understand that the Pastors and Wives Retreat went well as well.  Changes coming for next year so be watching!!

Sherry has Walking pneumonia,  doing some better now.

If you have anything you want to bring up to the SBA on the 25th I need to know by tomorrow, please.

https://www.uturnforchristoregon.org/U-Turn for_Christ_Oregon_Ne.html
PTL the Volunteer DOM Committee
Has sent to the pastors the proposed job description and search info.  Pray for the right man for the job to just float to the top of the applications.  If God wills this will come to vote at the E-Board in April.
We have no "application/resumes'".

Prayer Needs:  Let me know if your church has a prayer concern it will be posted here.

Please pray for some SBA Saints who are not doing well at this time.  They represent many years of service and concern for the Association.

for guidance as the Transformational DOM is chosen.  Pray that those who need to contact the committee as the deadline has passed.  Larry Brons 541-226-6467, Bob Batte 541-560-1153 or Ron Lloyd 541-441-8663.

For River Bend Community Baptist Church:
Pray also that they will find a suitable meeting place, one that they will have room to grow in, parking, classrooms.

For Retreats this weekend:
PTL for Sherry and Tammy, Grace and Arlene, all the kitchen helpers, as they put their all into making sure everyone was comfy and that the Word was pure and precious to our ears.
Pray for Sherry as she heals from the pneumonia.

For Illinois  Baptist Church:
 That God would guide and give wisdom to those who are involved.

The rest is the current calendar information:

April Birthdays & Anniversaries:
Bruce Sloan 22nd; Carol Lloyd 23rd;  Betty Batte 25th, Tabitha Badley 28th

Fellowship Team Meeting
April 25, 2011  9 AM at Lenny and Sherry's home in Rogue River.  Call Sherry for directions or more information at 541-582-1617  or E-Mail:   lennynsherry@msn.com

SBA Executive Board Meeting
April 25, 2011  Dayspring Baptist  7PM

Missions/Ministry Fair  the date is April 30th, 10 - 12 at Grace Baptist Family Center
Look in your E-mail for a form to send to me for a space for the fair.  It is going fast.  We need to know how many tables to set out.  They will be 8 feet long.
A BBQ to benefit the mission trips will be available for purchase.  Price is $5 for a New York luncheon.

Scott Wood, IMB and Bill Griffith of SBC Disaster Relief will be our speakers.
Do you have a ministry that could be a part of this event?  Let me know as soon as you can so we can further plan.
The idea is: To show the other churches what is going on in your church.  To help them see what is possible in our area of Southern Oregon. 
To  encourage prayer for each other and interaction as we work  together to further the cause of Christ. 
It has been well tested that the more you are informed the more you will pray and support.
Do you have a singing group that would be willing to do 15-20 minutes, possibly more as back ground entertainment?

Missionary Scott Wood will be at a  Dayspring on May 1st at the 11:00 service.   Phoenix has signed up for the evening 6:00 PM service.
Contact me if your church would like Scott Wood to make a presentation in your church. He can do presentations to meet your needs.

We're looking at finding out if there is anything that we can help them with as far as their needs on the field.
Here is a list for us to pray about and decide what we would like to send on with Scott and Denise from our Association:  They would need what ever we get them well before they leave later this year.
Portable video projector.  Portable sound system.  Microphones &  misc. audio cables.  Computer.  Bibles in Polish.  Various needs for 2012 European Soccer Championship outreach: literature, water distribution, travel.  Sports equipment: various.  High quality video camera – HD & Flash Memory (ex: Canon HF S200).  2 six foot folding tables would be great.   As he thinks of other items he will let me know.

VBS training: the date is April 30th, 1-3 at Grace Baptist Family Center
From associational funds we purchased the Back Yard Bible Clubs BEACH BLAST Sampler and we won some extra stuff... As of now I know Trinity is planning on using that material this summer. Currently Lozier has the teaching materials from it and are using them in their children's department as the Bible club is also set up for children's classes with 5-10 weeks worth of lessons... we already have Grace signed up to use it whenever Trinity is done with it and then it will be in the associational office if you would like to use it with your children.
FOR the BIG APPLE VBS we have a sampler kit, a blow up Statue of Liberty, a banner and a wall mural of downtown NYC.
We will have them all out to view at the associational VBS clinic on April 30th here at Grace, following the Mission Fair. We so hope that you will round up anyone you think might be interested in helping you with VBS and bring them to what is going to be an interactive, enlightening and FU N event. Here you will experience the sights and sounds of the Big Apple along with a taste of it yum!!! We will also have breakouts so you can attend areas specific to where you might serve, class rooms set up, rec ready, missions ready and the craft station with a weeks worth of crafts laid out for you to view... paperwork/examples for each item or activity/class will be available just in case you don't have your kits yet.
Sorry but we are going to ask that you not bring children and younger youth to the VBS events only leaders and helpers... as I find adults loosen up and get into it more when they are not having to act like parents and can get in the swing of things and remember what it was like to be a kid :0)

May Birthdays & Anniversaries:
Sherry Brewer, 18th;  JC and Karen Bartlett, 20th;  William and Peggy Burns, 23rd

SBA Men's Retreat
May 12-14 - Is at Lake Selmac.  They are working on the program and will have flyers in April.  They believe it will be fairly inexpensive.

Children/Youth Ministry Meeting
May 16, 2011  Meet at Lozier Lane in Youth Room upstairs, 6:30 PM  Discussing: Camp, VBS, Sr High Youth Weekend Missions on Coast (possibly Oct 10-12)

Muslim Study at Foothills Baptist Church
Join us in understanding what Muslims believe and how to point them to Christ.
May 14 2011  Saturday 2:00 PM  541-613-0802  E-mail:  foothillsbaptistchurch@clearwire.net  (please note this new address!)
Usama K. Dakdok, Muslim Evangelism Specialist, The Straight Way of Grace Ministry, Inc.

Children/Youth Ministry Meetings
May 22nd, Camp Theme announced and Forms available in your churches.
June 20th, 2011 (Same place and time) Discussing: Camp and VBS
July 25th, 2011 (Same place and time) Discussing: Camp

Has your church decided when your VBS will be this year?  Please let me know so that we can be praying for your workers and the children who will be attending.
Foothills Baptist - June 20-24
Phoenix - June 20-24 ?
River Bend, Shady Cove - June 20-24  They have a team coming.
Lozier Lane - July 10-15
Grace's is July 18-22;
Trinity is the August 1-5

Lozier Lane Mexico Trip - June 25th - July 3rd

Grace Baptist Ministry Trip - June 30th - July 14

Cornerstone Baptist Church

Some of the things that we'll need volunteers for are:   Painting; Siding, roofing, cooking, minor structural repairs.

Friday, July 8 at 9:00am - July 17 at 12:30am
More Info 4600 Swegle Rd NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

Children/Youth Camp

August 15-19  Camp week at Little River Christian Camp

Women of Faith Conference Oct 6-8, 2011
In Oct of 2011 in Portland, at the Rose garden Arena, the Women of Faith Conference will be going on!
Last fall I prepurchased seats for 50 and have since made hotel accommodations for Thursday and Friday night at the Courtyard Marriott, about 2 blocks from the arena. I have about 16 spots open at this time. The cost for the 2 day conference, box lunches Fri & Sat and 2 nights accommodations is $165 per person.
If you are interested please let me know.
Currently the other ladies attending will have paid $60 by Feb an are paying $15 a month.
 My (Sherry Brewer) phone number if you have questions is 541-582-1617.


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