Weekly News 8/3/11

Good morning everyone.
Hope your day is going grand!
It looks like Children/Youth Camp is going to have a great gathering this year.  The Children/Youth Team  are working  to make it the best ever!  If you  haven't made it up to the Little River Camp give it a try this coming Aug 15-19.  You probably could join in on some of the fun if you so desire.

The NWBC is going through some major organizational changes.  If you do not get the Witness (and you should!) let me know and I can get you information regarding what these changes are.  As far as Region 4 we will be a much larger region going from the Coast to the Idaho boarder.  It includes the some of the old region 6.  Pray for our Region 4 team as their travel has increased a bit.

Also in the Witness information regarding Pastor Cluster Groups Beginning in the Fall.  If you are interested call:  Joe Flegal at 360-882-2121 or E-mail at:  clusters@nwbaptist.org  Register by August 15th for the early bird discount.  There was no price on the announcement.

There is a Leadership Development Conference coming on September 10, 2011 at Vine St. in Roseburg.  "Pathways: Passages to Dynamic Leadership".  I should get more info and will E-mail it to you as soon as I do.

Piano and/or Organ  (this is the correct #)
Pastor Richard Williams called and said that there is an upright piano and organ available to any church that could use one.  They are both in White City. 
If you are interested please contact Richard:  541.779.9256.  The piano has a clear back so one can see the workings of the piano as it is played!
Lozier Lane Mexico Mission Trip info:
If you would like the group that went on the mission trip to Mexico to speak to your church, please contact Dwayne or Tammy at 541-621-9534
They also have 3 young people who have an opportunity to go back and do discipleship training with the group Youth With A Mission.  They will be gone in October for  8 days.  __________________________________________
Pray that U-Turn gets full to the brim.
Pray for the men who just graduated.
Pray for the ones who are adjusting to the process.
U-Turn still needs bunk beds.  Can you help financially ($300 ea) ?  Call or E-mail U turn at:  keanlynch@gmail.com    or   uturn4christ@gmail.com   phone:  541-291-3040
https://www.uturnforchristoregon.org/U-Turn for_Christ_Oregon_Ne.html

Men's summer bible study series at the Phoenix house and Grants Pass house, for contacts, maps, and general info follow the link. If you have a desire to lead an evening let me know.

Kean Lynch
Prayer: that UTFC would be filled! Praise: 2-3 men on thier way, and Ps. 133 unity on the ranch currently! Thank you for your prayers!

Prayer Needs:  Let me know if your church has a prayer concern it will be posted here.
From Facebook and E-Mail:

Are you praying for revival or movement of the Spirit  for our land (USA), Southern Oregon, your church.  Pray for your purity of heart, that you will be a bold  and courageous witness that God can use.

Are you praying for the
pastors of the Siskiyou Baptist Association and region 4 Team?  Here are two of them and their wives:  Stan and Rhonda Smith, Dayspring Baptist, Grants Pass; Kevin and Linda Darr, Lampman Road, Gold Hill - UTurn4Christ

Pray this week for our pastors, missionaries, lay people to boldly live their lives in such a way that they would model a life of dependence on God. (from NAMB 30 ways to pray for missionaries) Prov 3:5-6

Please pray for some SBA Saints who are not doing well at this time.  They represent many years of service and concern for the Association.
Be in prayer for
Bill Crews, Executive Director of the NWBC.  He has cancer and covets your prayers.

This morning (7/26) early as Dr. Crews was checking in at the hospital for his surgery, he fainted and fell, sustaining a crack to his skull.  This, of course, has put the surgery on hold.  He will be soon transported to Kaiser Hospital/Sunnyside where he will be kept in ICU and observed for a couple of days as they try to determine why this has happened. 
Cecil Sims was at the hospital and indicates that Dr. Crews knew him and knew that Cecil was heading for Texas this morning.  Norm Langston was also at the hospital and reports that a chaplain had also come by and had reported that Jo Ann was relatively calm and doing okay.  The Crews’ longtime friends Jim and Jean Phillips are there with Jo Ann and will accompany her to the Sunnyside Hospital. 
Please pray for Dr. Crews and Jo Ann during this crisis period.  More information will be shared as it is known.   

The calendar has continued to move right along and the date for my “Robotic Prostatectomy” has arrived.  I will enter St. Vincent Hospital in Portland at 5:30 am tomorrow, July 26, and will have the surgery beginning at 7:30 am.  The surgeon indicated the surgery will take approximately two hours and I should stay in the hospital no more than two nights.  I voted for just one.  The recovery time will be approximately two weeks (at least I am told I cannot drive a car for two weeks.)  However, telephones and Blackberrys work well at home and I will stay in touch with matters that are important.  Otherwise, I am planning to catch up on some good reading and enjoying the summer weather that is trying to arrive in the Northwest.
We will appreciate your continued prayers, especially for Jo Ann as she tries to keep me in line and healthy.  I will try to send an update as soon as I am home from the hospital and that will probably be it.  I don’t assume that friends need all the details, just the results.  Thanks for your friendship and prayers.

Be in prayer for Sara Wisdom, Retired Women's Strategist/WMU Director of the NWBC.  She has cancer and covets your prayers.

For Grace, Foothills and Lozier Lane -  VBS follow up!

Trinity as they do
last minute plans and preparations for VBS.

Paula Wengel Floyd
*My high school friend, Sue Pugmire will have surgery on her wrist, Monday morning. They will put a plate and some pins in it."

Sharon E Siegfried
I am leaving tomorrow morning with friends to go to North Dakota to help a friend move back here.  I ask for travels mercies for both directions God Bless and thank you

For Grace Baptist Mission team as they continue to learn and see God working around them.  Processing all that happened in the light of His marvelous Word.

For ministries through out our SBA area that are reaching out to their greater community.

For River Bend Community Baptist Church:

Special Prayer day for River Bend, tomorrow, Thursday the 28th.  They are making it a focused prayer time for their issues, see below, your are invited to take part and pray that God will show them where He is working so that they may enjoy the blessing of working with Him.
Pray that they will find a suitable meeting place, one that they will have room to grow in, parking, classrooms.  For the coming evangelical outreach.
Continue to pray for Jeanette and Ben for their health to stabilize.

For Illinois Valley Baptist Church:
That they will be blessed with finding the right pastor for their church.  Cameron Camp is one of the leaders.  Give him a call at 541-597-4010  his email is: cameron@logicalwebhost.com

For Prospect Baptist Church 
Needs:  portable office building for SS space;  10-15 passenger van; guidance as they get their building program in process.

For Trinity Baptist
That they will be blessed with finding the right pastor for their church.

For Northwest Baptist Convention
With the new guidelines from the North American Mission Board there will be changes at the NWBC level.  Pray for God's guidance and peace through this time.

For North American Mission Board/International Mission Board
That the resources they have will bring to the NW a revival and many new churches.
The rest is the current calendar information:

August Birthdays & Anniversaries:
Sterling Badley, 4th; Lenny Brewer,18th; Tammy Johnson,18th; Nancy Goss, 26th; John and Carolyn Dawson, 30th

Trinity - August 1-5
Prospect Community VBS - August 1-5

Office Closed 8th-12th Contact info:  Kevin Darr:  541.291.3040  uturn4christ@gmail.com; Larry Brons: 541.471.7222 or 541.226.6467  lbrons@charter.net  or  pastorlarry.brons@gmail.com

Korean Choir at Dayspring, Grants Pass
Monday, August 15th 7:30 PM  You are all invited to come and enjoy this groups energetic music.

Children/Youth Camp - Info is attached to this E-mail and on the web site.
The Camp information is on the Web page, www.siskiyoubaptist.org, you can print all you need from there. 
August 15-19  Camp week at Little River Christian Camp
Discover God, 2 Samuel 7:22
Children must have completed 3rd grade, Youth must have completed 6th grade.
Dwayne Johnson
2011 Camp Director
Lozier Lane Baptist Church

Administration Team Meeting is August 22nd
Lunch at the Black Bear, Grants Pass.  Time is pending.  This is a pre-E-Board meeting
We will be making sure all our info is ready to bring to the E-Board meeting.

Executive-Board Meeting is August 29th  7 PM, First Baptist, Phoenix.  This is for your 2 elected representatives and pastor to come together and check-out the proposed budget, calendar, and other items that will need to come before the greater body of messengers at the Annual Meeting on October 17th.  It is this early so that everything can be ready for the Annual Meeting
Items to be discussed: 2012 Budget, 2012 Calendar,  Agenda for Annual Meeting,   and more.
If you want something discussed at this meeting please contact Kevin or myself or anyone on the Admin team to get it added on.
Admin Team:  Kevin Darr, Larry Brons, Nancy Goss, Tammy Johnson, Sherry Brewer

Foothills, Medford Building Anniversary
The 30th anniversary at Foothills will be on the 10th of September starting at 1:00 PM for the meal and the program at 4:00

Leadership Development Conference
September 10, 2011 at Vine St. in Roseburg.  "Pathways: Passages to Dynamic Leadership".  I should get more info and will E-mail it to you as soon as I do.

Women of Faith Conference - October 6th -8th
Just so all you pastor know what is going on and where all your gals got off to!!!

SBA Annual Meeting - Oct 17, 2011  Foothills, Medford  7:15
Dinner probably at 6:15  watch here for what to bring.

JC Barnett to preach.

NWBC Pastor/Layman Conference  - November 14, 2011
Valley River Inn, Eugene, OR

NWBC Annual Meeting - November 15/16, 2011
Valley River Inn, Eugene, OR

SBA Pastor's and staff Christmas Dinner
December 9, 2011, 6:30 PM at Black Bear Restaurant in Grants Pass


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