Weekly News 9/28/11

Good Afternoon to everyone on THE LIST for the SBA.
You are appreciated in all that you do in your various churches.  I want to thank our Pastors, Clerks and designated Annual Church Profile folks as I know you are all trying to get the report in really soon.  After the  Weekly News gets out I will check in on the progress.  If you are going to want me to enter your information please let me know so I know to expect it.  The deadline is this Saturday but Monday will work too.

Dave and Waunita Kanton (Sixth Street, Gold Beach) are retiring as of the 1st of October
You are invited to a celebration of their service and faithfulness to the Lord and the churches they have served over the years.
A catered dinner will be on October 21, 2011 at 7:00 PM. It will be at the Fairgrounds in the Showcase Building.
It is so important that they get a head count due to it being catered.  If you would please let Carolyn or John Dawson know as
soon as possible if you intend on being there.  1-541-247-6298 is Carolyn's number.  Or E-mail at: jcdawson4@frontier.com

If you would like to go but need a ride call me and we'll see if that can be made available.  If anyone is going and will have room for others let me know.
Thank you for your help with this.

Pastor Cluster Group
From Danny Kuykendall,
Hello southern Oregon Pastors & Staff,
Just wanted to once again invite any of you that would like to participate in the Pastor Cluster Group in Medford which will begin tomorrow (9/29/11) at 10:00 AM at Foothills Baptist Church. Joe Flegal has extended an invitation to any pastor or church staff person to come join us for the first meeting and then you can decide if this is something you would like to participate in, in the following months. Remember this is a once a month commitment and Joe is still offering the discounted rate. For more information, for future dates and content just go to our NWBC website at www.nwbaptist.org.

Folks interested in New Work at Ashland
There will be a meeting this next Wednesday, October 5, 2011 for those who are interested in New Work at Ashland.
It will be at College Heights, Grants Pass, at 2:30 PM.  If you cannot make this and you are interested please contact Ron Allen at 541-878-7379 or 1-409-277-0675 and he will make arrangements with you to fill you in on the plan.

Pastor and Church Directory
I appreciate the response regarding the pages I sent out last week.  Printing starts on Monday so if you have not looked at it please do so.  Please let me know if you have seen it or not!! 
Each church will have a separate page.  All pertinent info will be on the front of the page and you may put what you would like on the back, i.e. other staff (paid or volunteer), special studies (parenting, divorce, grief), your church history, photos of fun events, etc.
Would someone from Trinity let me know who would be a good person to send theirs to? 
How about U-Turn?

Office will be closed on Thursday October 5th
I will be going with the ladies to the Women of Faith Conference in Portland.
If you need to contact someone give Kevin Darr, 541-291-3040  or Larry Brons, 541-226-6467  a call.  Thank you!

Please help out at Lampman Road Community Garden,  
If anyone has questions please feel free to contact the following people:
Curt Schuler(Garden Manager)                Home: (541) 855-2576                Cell: (541)603-4781
Kevin Darr(Pastor)                                 Cell: (541) 291-3040

Please be in prayer for a treasurer for SBA for the next year(s).   If you know of someone who is familiar with the job of treasurer/bookkeeping please let someone on the Admin Team know.   I do most of the work  so this person would be an overseer and report to the SBA meetings.  This person needs to be an active member of a cooperating church.  This person would be a signer on the SBA account as part of the position.  Any other questions contact Larry Brons at 541-226-6467 he can tell you what is really involved.

Feel free to copy the prayer requests below to give to your folks for their corporate and personnel prayer times. 

We are on Face Book, we also have a prayer request group.  It is a closed group so it only goes to those who want to be on it.  If you are on Face Book, friend me (Nancy Goss) and tell me you want to be on the Prayer request group.  It will come up on your page when there is a request or answer or comments.
Prayer Needs:  Let me know if your church has a prayer concern it will be posted here.
From Facebook and E-Mail:

Are you praying for you to be revived so that the revival or movement of the Spirit  for our land (USA), Southern Oregon, your church can be realized.
Pray for your purity of heart, that you will be a bold  and courageous witness that God can use.

Are you praying for the
pastors of the Siskiyou Baptist Association and region 4 Team?  Here are two of them and their wives: 
Bruce and Susan Sloan and Von Tomisini, Region 4 Team Members

Pray this week for our pastors, missionaries, lay people to "resist temptation. Pray that they would be quick to take the escape God provides when temptation sneaks up on them. "(from NAMB 30 ways to pray for missionaries) 1 Corinthians 10:13
Be in prayer for Cecil Sims, Executive Director of the NWBC.  He has cancer and covets your prayers. 

Be in prayer for
Bill Crews, Executive Director of the NWBC.  He has cancer and covets your prayers.  He will have the surgery on October 4th.

Be in prayer for
Sara Wisdom, Retired Women's Strategist/WMU Director of the NWBC.  She has cancer and covets your prayers.

Be in prayer for U-Turn 4 Christ - Ministry of Lampman Road.

Pray that U-Turn gets full to the brim.
Pray for the men who just graduated.
Pray for the ones who are adjusting to the process.
U-Turn still needs bunk beds.  Can you help financially ($300 ea) ?  Call or E-mail U turn at:  keanlynch@gmail.com    or   uturn4christ@gmail.com   phone:  541-291-3040
https://www.uturnforchristoregon.org/U-Turn for_Christ_Oregon_Ne.html

Paula Floyd - (9/28/11)
Please pray for my friend Idella she is having a mammo and ultrasound on Oct. 4th. Also My grand daughter Melissa, she is having all these tests at Dorn Becker in Portland. It looks like she will have heart surgery sometime in the future, once they are able to sedate her without problems.
Please pray for my friend Peggy Stemple, she must return for another mammo and a ultrsound on Monday.
Please pray for my high school friend, Sue Pugmire, she has to see a surgeon she has two abnormal growths on her thyrod. She has no medical insurance at all, so we need a way for her to get the appointment with the surgeon.

Sharon E Siegfried
Teresa is much better and healing (9/22/11)

Lisa Campbell
Please pray for Irene South, her blood pressure has been spiking up, along with irregular heart beat, rapid pulse and weakness, feeling wobbly. They have been running tests to find the cause. Pray they get answers , but that it's not serious.  They still do not know what the problem is (9/28/11)

Sixth Street Baptist Church
Dave and Nita Kanton and John and Carolyn Dawson,

Pray for Sixth Street as they go through the change of pastors this coming month.

Ron and Carol Lloyd
leaving for Scappoose Oregon  "Creekside Baptist"  pray for God's leading there and possible Interim ministry. This is our first trip with 5th wheel since started this ministry.  Rich Blessings to all SBA churches as you press on in the will of God through His word.  (9/22/11)

For ministries through out our SBA area that are reaching out to their greater community.

For River Bend Community Baptist Church:

They are back at the Upper Rogue Community Center.
Continue to pray for Jeanette that the migraines she experiences will be healed.

For Illinois Valley Baptist Church:
That they will be blessed with finding the right pastor for their church.  Cameron Camp is one of the leaders.  Give him a call at 541-597-4010  his email is: cameron@logicalwebhost.com

For Prospect Baptist Church 
Needs:  portable office building for SS space;  10-15 passenger van; guidance as they get their building program in process.
for Bob Batte and his family as they minister to his father in Texas.

For Trinity Baptist
That they will be blessed with finding the right pastor for their church.

For Ashland New Work
Meeting next Wednesday (10/5/11)

For Northwest Baptist Convention
With the new guidelines from the North American Mission Board there will be changes at the NWBC level.  Pray for God's guidance and peace through this time.

For North American Mission Board/International Mission Board
That the resources they have will bring to the NW a revival and many new churches.
The rest is the current calendar information:

Pastor Cluster Group September 29th (tomorrow)
10 AM at Foothills.  Pastors and staff are encouraged to attend even if you have not signed up yet.  Come and see if this is for you.

Ashland New Work Meeting
October 5th 2:30 PM at College Heights - room in downstairs area of Ed wing.

Women of Faith Conference - October 6th-8th
Just so all you pastor know what is going on and where all your gals got off to!!!

October Birthdays :

Bob Batte, 17th; John Dawson, 19th; Dwayne Johnson, 30th

SBA Children's Picnic and Swim Party
(flyer on web site)
October 15, 2011

1 - 4 PM at  Burns Park, Cascade Community Pool,  White City
Call Teri Franell at 541-973-7718

SBA Annual Meeting - Oct 17, 2011  Foothills, Medford  7:15PM
(Child care is available)
Dinner at 6:15 PM  Okay here's the scoop.  Traditional Potluck.  Please bring a couple of different dishes enough to share with a whole bunch of folks.  Foothills has the drinks covered.

The Admin Team worked on the agenda, I'll get it out next week.  We are trying for an 1 1/2 hour meeting.  The rest is up to you!!

Retirement Celebration for Dave and Nita Kanton
Friday October 21, 2011, 7:00 PM, Curry County Fairgrounds (Showcase Building) Gold Beach.
see above for the rest of the info

Women of Faith at Foothills Baptist - October 22nd 8:15 registration
To all ladies you are invited to attend a Women of Faith Conference by video on Sat. Oct 22nd at Foothills Baptist Church. 
If you have always wanted to go to one of their conferences and could not for one reason or another here is your chance to do so. 
We are offering the 2005 Extraordinary Faith featuring all the original group, Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Mederg, Luci Swindoll, Sheila Walsh and Thelma Wells. 
The Conference will be held Sat. Oct. 22nd at 9AM. Registration 8:15. If you are planning to attend please call the office  541-772-8265 and leave a message on how many will be coming, also if you have any questions we will return your call as soon as possible .  We are offering continental Breakfast, you will need to bring a sack lunch, we will provide the dessert and drinks for lunch..  A love offering will be taken.

NWBC Pastor/Layman Conference  - November 14, 2011
Valley River Inn, Eugene, OR

NWBC Annual Meeting - November 15/16, 2011
Valley River Inn, Eugene, OR

Senior Appreciation Luncheon   December 1, 2011 (a Thursday)
 11AM - 1PM  (For those 60 and over. )         

Grace Baptist Church, 4233 E. Evans Creek Rd, Rogue River  97537
For your enjoyment: Soups, bread & desserts, music & laughter.
A time to celebrate Christmas, your faithfulness and the sweet fellowship we are so blessed to enjoy.

SBA Pastor's and staff Christmas Dinner
December 9, 2011, 6:30 PM at Black Bear Restaurant in Grants Pass

I just want to remind you that the SBA Weekly News is on the www.siskiyoubaptist.org web site.  If you don't see what info you want here it may be there.  I am also a phone call away either at 541-956-7588 or my cell 541-659-7261.  Probably the cell phone is the best to call.  Also if you "Like" Siskiyou Baptist Association on Facebook you will get updates and reminders there as well.

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